Poland is where I came into existence.

It was my uncle who first awakened my love for music at an early age. I almost burst with fascination for this art form when I was allowed to plunk on his piano for the first time. From then on music became my steady companion.

Rock was the first genre I got into intense contact with, induced by my father’s booming loudspeakers.

My first contact with electronic music was like a close encounter of the third kind – it became the most captivating music genre of my youth. My dream was born to be a part of the world of electronic music. Fate had me quit my
old job in order to reach this goal.

„What the hell…“ was my first thought when I heard the music of Aphex Twin, The Prodigy and Deadmau5 for the first time. Until today these great artists are my greatest influences.

When composing I’m being inspired by all these different sources and add my very own style to it.

I hope to kick ass with my music one day, just like those guys do!