My musical influences

My first apperception with music

The first time I wittingly listened to music was when my father turned on songs of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, White Snake and Jethro Tull. I was about 6 years old. The catchy sounds just stayed in my ears and my mind. Perhaps it was the perfect symbiosis of powerful electric guitars, bass run and massive drums that captivated me. I love, that rock is a genre rich in variety. Sometimes psychedelic as with Pink Floyd, sometimes impelling as with Deep Purple, often melodic as with Led Zeppelin. Even today I get goose pimples when listening to songs of these great artists. These were my first musical influences.

My fascinaton for rock has never vanished since.


The pathway to electronic music

Just a few years later my uncle introduced the originator of electronic music to me – Jean-Michel Jarre. His first album I listened to was ‚Equinoxe‘. To me it seems like a revolution to the ears. It was a great experience to delve into this completely new world of sounds. I discovered further artists like Depeche Mode, Eurythmics, Kraftwerk who deeply impressed me. To listen to electronically generated sounds ment a  personality change to me. I was fascinated by the fact, that it was possible to create these artifical sounds. I wanted to know more about the technical background of that sort of soundcreation and the instruments used.

Even today I feel like a child in a sweet shop when creating a new synthetic sound that I haven’t heard in a track before.


Next level experience of electronic music

Another few years later I got to know my greatest idol of electronic music – Aphex Twin. Where Jean-Michel Jarre opened a new world of sounds to me, Aphex Twin disclosed a whole universe. I realised that Aphex Twin brought sound creation and  variation to a complete new and higher level. I got the feeling, that for him nothing is impossible to create sounds that had never been heard before. For that reason he is and always will be my greatest idol.

Just about the same time, my cousin drew my attention on a band called ‚The Prodigy‘. In 1995 I bought my first CD of this band ‚Jilted Generation‘. My first impression after having listened to it was like being hit by a train. The energy of their tracks was so immense, I just couldn’t hold my ass on the couch. You just have to move, jump and escalate to their music. Until today I rarely know other artists with this tremendous energy – both live on stage, but also on tape.


Electronic Artists 3.0

Since millenium artists like Daft Punk, Noisia, Skrillex, DJ Shadow, Boys Noize and Apparat found the way into my musical collection. Every of this artists has his own quality and uniqueness, so it is hard to compare them. But what they all have in common to me is  that their work contribute in the progression of electronic music.

In 2009 my acquiantance with electronic music reached a new milestone. I just started my studies as music and beat designer. After all of these years that I was blessed to listen to music of the great artists mentioned above, I now was allowed to become part of the world of electronic music myself. I remember a classmate saying to me: „You really have to listen to Deadmau5!“ A word and a blow. I immediatelly bought his album ‚For lack of a better name‘. I quickly recognized that a new genius entered the stage.  In my opinion Deadmau5 revolutionized electronic music – concerning poduction and sound creation. He lifted these components to a higher level. To me this artist is the greatest gift to electronic music for the last 10 years. I rarely listened to music that affected me so deeply as the compositions of this artist. All together – melodics, variations, beat design – perfectly harmonize. Simply ingenious.

Aphex Twin and Deadmau5 are my greatest idols – I will always look up at them.

Thank you, guys!

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