My passion for movies

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Beside my passion for music I am also an enthusiastic cineaste. Movies are such a multifaceted art form, which can convey feelings, impart values, be entertaining or just tell a great story.

In principle I am unprejudiced when watching a movie for the first time. I also don’t favour a special genre. To me it is important that the movie tells a well thought out story. As kid I was impressed by some movie characters (for example Luke Skywalker of Star Wars),  who also in a way influenced my personal development.
Just like music, movies are to me an art form of unfinished creativity and fantasy. One of the most important quality of a movie is to entertain, similar to a visit of a concert. It is an art form worth spending time with.
I find it fascinating how differently movies can be interpreted. It is astonishing how movies have developed in the last few years. Beside the technical capabilities,  also the way of how people think and tell stories has improved.

I can’t name my favourite movie, but I can define attributes which make a movie unmissable to me. Either the movie seizes a complete new idea, or the actor’s performance is sublime, either the technical effects are astonishing and mean a new evolutional level or the story has a relation to my life. I am glad to see how movies have improved in all of these categories.

One of the most fascinating aspects for me is that a movie may show the world from a different point of view. It opens new perspectives and gives the chance to reconsider certain opinions. I believe that it is possible to broaden one’s mind by a good movie and to draw a lesson from it – which have a positive effect on your character.

To me movies will always be of great importance, because I believe in their power to change and improve points of view – just like music does. It is a medium that should not only be watched with the eyes, but also be seen by heart. Just as music should not only be heared with the ears, but also by heart.

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